What are the SEO trends in the year 2019?

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August 5, 2018
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August 5, 2018

If you use SEO to drive traffic to your website, you should be aware of the conversions happening every year in result of Google algorithm updates and new technologies trends. However, we are still in mid-summer; it’s no harm to follow the upcoming year's trends to lead the way in the newest SEO strategies. Let’s take a look at the SEO trends of the year 2019:

Voice Search

Voice search anything, anywhere - you can ask your question out loud and find the answer. There are some voice search apps like Siri on iOS, Cortana on Windows 10 or Amazon Alexa. Text-based searches are incomplete phrases while voice searches are actual questions starting with a WH question. Optimize for voice search by creating a content that answers a question and explains a problem in a conversational tone.


People are likely to spend less time and watch videos to get information rather than reading long boring articles on a website. The YouTube statistics imply that one billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube every day. YouTube stands at second place as the largest search engine right after Google. Building optimized video content leads to vast awareness and reputation for your brand.

Mobile-first index

In the near future, Google mobile first index will expand. It will be imminent to have a responsive designed website as sooner or later Google will rank pages based on the mobile version of them, and mobile optimization is becoming a substitute for desktop optimization as the ranking factor changes. Considering that 60% of searches emerge from the smartphones, you should take mobile SEO for granted.

Useful SEO-friendly content

Like now, content will be one of the primary ranking factors in 2019. It is vital to creating impressive contents containing the answers to users’ questions and problems in order to improve the website SEO result.

Put HTTP behind

As Google’s secured website certificates (SSL) has a significant impact on the website ranking, your website should start with HTTPS. Moreover, Chrome will introduce HTTP websites as insecure and unreliable. If your site is still HTTP, you’re losing users as well as your rank is search engines right now!

Featured snippets

Featured snippets are the search result shown in a box below the ads. This is Google's instant answer to your questions. Featured snippets affect your website SEO and increase website traffic. Take Q&A content into account as a way to be featured. Google will select the content that represents the best and direct answer to the searched question.


Time flies so quickly. It’s important to be the navigator and keep up the pace with the latest conversions. There are some other SEO tactics which are as important as the ones mentioned; such as quality content, creating a user experience website and also making sure your website act fast.

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