10 Practical methods to improve your UX

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improving UX

improving UX

Website has turned into a must-have item for every business. In the early stages, building a beautiful website was the main concern of designers. While beside the beauty, the experience users get from the website is also important. A better user experience causes higher engagement and functionality. It indicates that you need a website which is accessible, efficient and understandable.

Are you eager to learn how to provide an excellent experience for users and turn them into loyal customers? These are the most practical methods to help you improve your website's UX:

1. Call to action
This method is used to increase the user's immediate response on a website. CTA defines what you expect a visitor to do next. Putting an eye-catching CTA button on the reachable spot make the visitors stay longer on your website.
2. Search field

Users hate looking for answers through a lot of information. Provide the users with a search box to gain their needed information quickly. Put it in place they can find easily; thus they will turn to you seeking a solution to their problems.

3. White Space

Unlike many thoughts, using white space on the website is not a mistake. It allows the users to focus on your desired section. White space in a website is referred to as a breathing room. You shouldn’t overwhelm the users with tons of information and content without any white space to breathe; otherwise, they would get confused and leave away.

4. Content

A superb informative content dramatically helps your website’s UX to improve. Keep in mind that a user experience content should be clear and readable. Make sure you’re using the right font and size for the blog to encourage the reader to carry on and bring them back to get more information.

5. Loading speed

When it comes to user experience, your website loading time plays an integral role. If it loads too slowly, most users would likely click away. On the other hand, a high-speed one entices users to visit other pages, causes higher conversions, raise traffic and an improvement in user experience.

6. Colors

Color is the first thing that a visitor sees on a site, the choice of colors requires to be familiar with the psychology of the colors. Each color has its own impact and conveys a specific message; for example, orange transmits creativity and enthusiasm or blue is for trust and calmness.

7. Navigation bar

A navigation bar makes it possible for visitors to explore different parts of a website quickly. They are usually a horizontal list on the top of each page. Creating a navigation bar is essential for web design to improve the UX.

As horizontal navigations are a bit boring or overused, try to come up with a creative navigation bar for better UX. For instance, place the menu vertically using new, unusual fonts.

8. Mobile-friendly

Lots of people surfing the internet via their mobile phones or tablets. You need to keep up with this phenomenon by designing a responsive website. It is vital that your site fits different screen sizes regardless of the device.

9. Footer

Don’t forget the footer of your website! It’s as important as the navigation bar. It has to include information about your company such as: About us, Contact us, Privacy policy and also links to other pages on your website.

10. Images

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of pictures on your website; they can convey messages even better than texts. Use attention-grabbing images to draw the visitors to your site.

As far as we all know, the clients’ expectations and demands are like an endless road. User experience strategies enormously help your business to stand out. Implementing mentioned tips would be useful to represent an exceptional user experience for your website. Also, it seems a hard work to consider both user interface and user experience at the same time, but it will be surely worth the time and efforts you put in.

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