How to write an impressive call to action?

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August 5, 2018

What is the call to action?

A call to action (CTA) is a term of marketing that leads the user to take a specific action. You must have seen the phrase “Buy now” in different websites, it is a well-known common call-to-action. Usually, CTAs are in the form of a button or a hyperlink that invite visitors to click on to make a purchase, sign up, requesting a trial and so on.

Calls to action play an important role in marketing as they improve and simplify the process of conversions. Increasing your customers, your earnings, and profits all depend on your CTA.

The uses of call to action

CTAs are mostly used in banners, websites, and newsletters. One of the common uses is for online sales. Some other uses of calls to action include: increasing email newsletter, sign-ups, encouraging users to give feedback, and boosting the website traffic.

Noteworthy examples of CTAs:

Sound cloud

Sound cloud suggests a free sign up. Mentioning the word free will leads more users to sign up and use Sound cloud to play music. The CTA comes in a color match to their logo at the center, so that encourages the visitors to click on. There’s another CTA placed at the right above suggest "create account."


Featuring free trials will induce users to complete a call to action. Everybody likes freebies. This is a great way to motivate potential customers to try your service and get familiar with what you represent. Hulu is an excellent example of this type of CTAs. Its call to action button comes in the center recommends a free trial. It has mentioned the price of monthly membership as well.

How to make an effective call to action?

Do you lack a superb call to action on your website? Think of how an impactful call to action can rocket your clients? First of all, you have to identify your target audience well. Then come up with some catchy words for the CTA button. There are some typical phrases use as calls to action such as:

⦁ Sign-Up

⦁ Shop Now

⦁ Download Now

⦁ Order Now

⦁ Read more

⦁ Create an account

Though these CTAs might be useful in some general businesses, you must think of more seductive ones and make an effort to stimulate the users to take action. Below you can find some advice for an effective call to action:

Size and Color

The size and color of the CTA button are the two most important terms. Choose a color which is in contrast to your website design. For instance, orange and green are the two best choices as they are eye-catching and striking.

We can’t deny the importance of the CTA’s size. As a small version won’t grab attention as much as you desired, on the other side, an oversized button will deter the potential customers

Write simple and clear

Write a short and clear CTA. Clarification is essential to convince the visitors to take the next step. Make sure that your call to action is not complicated to understand or even hard to read. Consider using readable bold fonts.

Offer discounts or free stuff

A call to action that offers a discount or a gift or trial is irresistible for users to ignore. This is a simple tactic to use in order to convert visitors to real customers. An example is “have/begin a free journey for 14 days,” or another example is “Shop now and save up to 50%.”

Be urgent

Create the sense of urgency by putting a limitation on your offers. Call to action must indicate your limits in a way visitors feel the fear of missing out the opportunities. To provoke this emotion use compelling phrases like “shop today,” “Holiday sales! Buy now” or “This link is free just for 24hours.”

Summing up

Implementing all these tips to generate an impressive call to action is not easy. You have to thoroughly recognize your audience demands and behaviors to figure out how to entice them into taking action immediately. It is pretty time-consuming to find the best call to action by trial and errors but trust me the result of an effective CTA is incredible.